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Jennifer Chalos & Associates

Nonprofit Consultants

Jennifer Chalos & Associates is experienced with all types of nonprofits and areas of fund development. We work with clients on special projects or serve as an outsourced development office over extended periods.

Whether it's planning and implementing a campaign, evaluating and reorganizing a fundraising approach, or developing long-range strategic plans, all relationships with our clients are customized to fit their unique needs.

Contact us today to share your story and let us help you meet your goals!


Campaign Strategy and Organization, Feasibility Studies and Reporting, Board Development and Training, Fund Development Strategy Planning and Implementation, Team Building and Facilitation, Grants Research and Acquisition

We strive to be more than a company - we are a thought and strategy partner with you and your team in shaping, supporting, and fulfilling your mission and goals. As experienced fundraisers and philanthropic advisors, we work intentionally to bring all stakeholders together to create trust-based, long-term partnerships.


We challenge our clients and the nonprofit sector to evolve and innovate, build each other up, identify and support future leaders, and engage in philanthropy of all kinds. We offer tailored services to help you grow. We connect you to like-minded colleagues, leaders, and funding sources. We bring you together in community to share best practices and prepare for the future.


​Join us today. We are so excited to work with you as we are in this work for the long haul.


John Dichtl, American Association for State and Local History

"Working with Jennifer on our campaign has been all that I hoped for and more. She brings fresh eyes, genuine curiosity and interest, and lots of experience to our nascent fundraising efforts. Jennifer quickly grew familiar with our board members, key donors, current programs, and strategic plans, and with her help I am confident about exceeding our goals."

Katharine Ray, Meals 4 Health and Healing | The Heimerdinger Foundation

"Working with Jennifer has been a rewarding, positive, and fruitful experience. She is a deeply seasoned professional in our community who understands our nonprofit landscape, the funders, and the relationships. She offers great advice for handling myriad scenarios and has a proven track record of success. Most important, she is honest and highly aware of caring for people and authentically nurturing relationships. Jennifer is a top fundraiser who has all the critical knowledge, skill and characteristics for helping to set up nonprofit leaders for success. She is someone I'll choose to work with again and again."

Cecily Freeman, Nashville State Community College Foundation

"What I appreciate most about Jennifer is that she brings a sense of stability and true passion for the work she does with nonprofits. Her approach masterfully combines the art and science of fundraising in a way that has been effective for our organization and especially helpful for me as a newcomer to my role as Executive Director."
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Jennifer Chalos & Associates recognizes the importance nonprofits play in positively impacting our communities and believe in the work they do. It is our goal to help clients maximize fundraising potential to impact the constituents they serve.

We will work with your team to establish a strategic and creative plan to build and foster relationships that grow to become long-lasting patrons.

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